Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Gas Station in Ohio

Abby and I are in Ohio traveling around talking to churches about the project. I'm praying that people will catch the vision for what we are doing and get behind us. It has been a fun and tiring journey.

One weird thing happened on our way here. We stopped at a gas station outside of Chilicothe, OH. It was the only station around for miles. While we were there I used the men's restroom. It was as wonderful as most gas stations bathrooms. But the best was that I stole the men's restroom key. Usually they give you the keys to the bathroom attached to something like a 2x4. But this place just gave me keys on a small keychain. That keychain ended up in my pocket and traveled about 80 miles West with me. So if you are driving on US 35, and you see Bud's Gas Stop and you think that might be a great place to stop to use the restroom, you better just hold it, cuz you're not getting in. I have the key! Call me...if I'm in the area, I'll come unlock it for you.