Monday, March 31, 2008

Area 10 Faith Community

So what does our name mean? I was recently asked...what is Area 10 anyway?

So let me 'splain it to you. Realtors divide up the region into Areas. Like Area 30 for Chesterfield, or whatever. Area 10 is the area from Church Hill in the East, 195 in the West, the James River to the south, and I-64 to the north. It's a nice rectangle that encompasses most of the city of Richmond. It is the place I want to spend my life loving and serving.

I thought the name worked for the church because it's geographic and it describes the geography we want to serve. It's unusual in that I can't find any other churches with that name...and it is slightly mysterious in that it sounds like Area 51 which I believe is where the government is keeping the flying saucers.

So that's us...Jesus...Richmond...and flying saucers.

This church is gonna be awesome.