Thursday, May 8, 2008

A new logo for the 10

Area 10 Faith Community got a new logo. We think this one is a little more professional and interesting. I personally like the circle motif. the large gray circle sort of represents the wider community outside the church that we want to plant ourselves inside.

It's nifty. It's weird though- that we've already changed logos and our church doesn't really exist yet...Oh well. You can do that when your church doesn't exist.

You can do whatever you want really. I think we'll be Buddhist next week. Who knows?

Area 10 getting some pub!

Yesterday I was interviewed by a friendly reporter from the Richmond Times Dispatch. She wanted to do a story on church planting as she had not heard of it before. We talked for about an hour at the Times Dispatch office. It was very interesting. We talked all about my calling to church planting and why I'm doing it. She is probably going to interview some of my church planting buddies around the country.

Hopefully, the story she writes will get good placement in the paper. I'm praying for front page news, but we'll see!