Thursday, April 10, 2008

The wild ride of church planting

I'm having one of those weeks where you just can't believe what God is up to. I have had several amazing conversations with some people this week that want to possibly be part of this church. I hardly know where these people are coming from. It's exciting. I wonder who doesn't even live in Richmond right now, that will be here when we launch our church in 5 1/2 months. Who else will God call to join us on this wild ride?

This past month has been really cool. I keep being amazed that this is my full time job...starting a church. It has it's challenges, but for the most part it's great. Right now I'm sitting on our porch's 76 degrees outside and there is hardly a drop of humidity in the air...awesome stuff.

Stay tuned next week for a potentially huge facilities announcement. (no, it's not as big as the Byrd, but it's pretty huge.)
More fun stuff is ahead.