Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're having a picnic

So here we are, a little less than 3 months until we launch and I thought it would be good to get everyone together. We are having a picnic/bbq in Byrd Park this Sunday at noon. We will have food, fun, laughs, and more food. We have a very deluxe model moonbounce type thingy for the kiddies. Should be good times! The weather is looking good so far (although I don't trust forecasts beyond about 48 hours!). And we have about 50-60 people signed up.

Come join us this Sunday. Bring a friend. I invited my next door neighbor. She is coming with her 3 kids. I told her to bring 100 friends. She said she would. I'm holding her to that! :)

We are also handing out 10,000 fliers to invite our neighbors. Say a prayer with me that people would receive those and get fired up about joining us. The more the merrier.

Fire up the grills, let's get some burgers, dogs, and bocas cookin up!