Thursday, August 14, 2008

So what are we?

I'm perplexed here. Our church is called the Area 10 Faith Community. We chose that name because the heart of Richmond is called Area 10 on a real estate map. And I like it. It's original. It makes people think of Area 51...which has this nice mysterious UFO like vibe (OK- that part wasn't really intentional) and it's super easy to get a URL for or Surprisingly no one has taken that name.

Area 10 really is a nice name. It's way better than my other choice which was: Upper Room Tongues of Fire, Holy Trinity Discount Baptist Tabernacle. Or URTFHTDBT for short.

My issue is what do we call people who attend our church? I once went to Willow Creek church in Illinois and heard Bill Hybels refer to people at his church as "Creekers" which I thought was very funny. Especially for a church wanting to be "Seeker" they have Seekers and Creekers? Can you be a Seeker Creeker? As you grow in your faith are you a Meeker Seeker Creeker?

Where does that leave Area 10? Could we be 10ers? If there are three of us...does that make us the three 10ers? You see my problem here. And churches go nuts with their name too. We could call our people 10-acious! (I could be 10-acious C!) Or have a compassion ministry called 10-der Loving Care! Could we have some marketplace ministry called 10t Makers?

I'm open to suggestions here people. I'm hoping we can call our people insanely awesome radical followers of Jesus. But that's a bit cumbersome and slightly weird. Any good ideas out there?

Letting God do His thing

This week I've felt a little overwhelmed. There are, by my last count, (warning:exaggeration ahead!) about 81,000 little details to get covered before we launch this church publicly on September 21st. And I had this great revelation today:

I'm not going to get all those details covered.

I'm just not going to. I'm one dude. I've been in Tennessee all week. Our whole church staff is in the mountains this week. We are all doing great stuff, but not a ton of it is directly related to all those little details. And today...I just don't care that we aren't cranking on all the details.

When I get home, I'm going to play with my kids on Saturday. I'm going to chat and snuggle with my wife. That's all I want to do. I don't want to write, memorize, strategize, or network. I want to just get home and BE.

But here's the thing I was challenged with today. This church is God's not mine. He's got this...He really does. It's my job to live like I believe that. How easy for us to try to play His role...for us to live like we're the world changer or world sustainer.

Go ahead God. Do Your thing. Sorry for the times I try to take Your job.