Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who made America?

This is a conversation my kids had in the car today that I had to share:

Colin (5yo): Mom, did you know that Scrabble is America's Favorite word game?

Mom: I guess that's right.

Colin: And do you know what America is?

Mom: What? (ya' gotta humor them, you know)

Colin: The United States!

Mom: That's right

Colin: And do you know who made America?

Declan (3yo): Jesus!

Colin: ...and?...

Declan: God!

Colin: ...and?...

Declan: Emperor Palpatine!

So there you have your history lesson for the day. Props to my 3 yo for answering Jesus. He has already been in church long enough to know that if someone asks a question very excitedly, the answer is usually Jesus.