Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Church plant..yes but the dream's even bigger.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about changing the world. Specifically, how can I/we change Richmond and make it a better place. It's not's a fine place to live...I just want it to be better.

This is what I'm called to do. I feel that in my gut. I am a church planter...yes. But really, I'm a society changer/social architect/social entrepreneur. I'm setting out to help people I meet know God better. I'm also setting out to get people together (contracters/architects/lawyers/whatevers) who can come together to work on the big issues in the city like affordable housing or crime or whatever.

I had a great lunch today with like minded people. Whenever I meet people who are tired of same ol same ol religion and want to see new things birthed out of the church, it gets me fired up. Today was one of those days.

I can't spill all the beans right now, until I have final commitments on a few things, but I will have some good announcements soon.